At the meeting of the council’s Executive Board on 19 April 2017, approval was given to spend capital funds to support a permanent expansion of Cockburn (Academy) School from a capacity of 1050 pupils to 1200 pupils, with an increase in the admission number from 210 to 240 with effect from September 2019.



The consultation on a proposal to expand Cockburn Secondary Academy has now closed. All responses are now being collated.

The Cockburn Multi Academy Trust and governing body of the Academy, and Leeds City Council will provide an update in due course.

Proposal to expand Cockburn Secondary Academy

The Cockburn Multi Academy Trust and governing body of Cockburn Secondary Academy, in partnership with Leeds City Council, are proposing to expand Cockburn Academy from a capacity of 210 pupils in year 7 to 270 pupils in year 7 and to increase the total admission limit from 1050 to 1350 pupils from September 2018.

The consultation period lasts for two weeks between Monday 6th March 2017 and Monday 20th March 2017.   During this period views on the proposal are being sought from parents, staff, residents and other local stakeholders.

The proposal will require an extension and improvements to the academy’s dining area.

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You can contribute to this part of the discussion until Monday 20th March 2017 at 4pm.

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Leeds City Council, PO Box 837, Capacity Planning and Sufficiency Team, Leeds, LS1 9PZ


Proposal to increase secondary places at Roundhay Through-School

At the Council’s Executive Board meeting on Wednesday 23 September 2015 the Board was asked to consider the outcome of statutory notices on proposals to expand secondary provision at Roundhay Through-School.

Approval was given as follows:

That changes to Roundhay Through-School by increasing its capacity from 1250 pupils to 1500 pupils in years 7 – 11, with an increase in the cohort sizes from 250 to 300, with effect from September 2017, be approved;

That the increase to the year 7 admissions number in 2017 and 2018 to 300, then its reduction to 240 in 2019, be approved, given that the primary children are already on the roll of the school and the admission number is the number of additional children from other primary schools that would be admitted.

Please click here to access the agenda and minutes of the meeting.


The statutory notice period relating to secondary school places at Roundhay  has now ended. The next stage is to report the responses to Executive Board who will then make a decision on whether or not to proceed. We will update you here when we have more information.

Following a period of consultation regarding the expansion of secondary school places at Roundhay School, a formal proposal has now been published. This is known as a statutory notice and is a 4 week period during which representations can be made to the local authority.  The statutory notice period runs from 1st July 2015 to 4pm on 29th July 2015

The proposal is to permanently increase the year 7 intake at Roundhay School, from 250 places to 300 places, increasing the school’s capacity from 1250 to 1500 pupils in years 7 – 11 with effect from September 2017.

The full statutory notice is available to view via this link;

Please do not submit responses to the statutory notice using this site. Any responses should be made in writing to The Capacity Planning and Sufficiency Team, PO Box 837, Leeds City Council, LS1 9PZ, or by email to:

Consultation on opening new Secondary provision on land south of Seacroft Hospital to open September 2018

The consultation on the principle of opening new secondary provision on land to the south of the Seacroft Hospital site has now closed-many thanks for commenting or responding to the survey. To preserve the integrity of the thread no further comments will now be approved although you can still read the consultation document via the link below. An update on these proposals will be posted in due course.


Our projections for secondary schools in the Inner East and Inner North East of the city indicate that an additional 200 year 7 places will be needed by 2016 rising to 375 by 2018.

We recently consulted on the proposal to expand secondary provision at Roundhay School by 50 places per year group from 2017. Based on projections we believe that in this area there will still be a significant shortfall of places and we are considering a range of options. At a recent stakeholder event there was support for the proposal to open a new secondary provision on part of the former Seacroft Hospital site. This would be opened for children aged 11-16 and would offer 180 places per year group

We are now seeking your views on the principle of opening new secondary provision on land to the south of the Seacroft Hospital site. You can find out more information from our consultation document Consultation to open secondary provision on land south of Seacroft Hospital

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