The statutory notice period relating to secondary school places at Roundhay  has now ended. The next stage is to report the responses to Executive Board who will then make a decision on whether or not to proceed. We will update you here when we have more information.


The consultation on the proposal to expand secondary provision at Roundhay Through-School has now closed. We are collating responses and a further update will be posted on this site in due course.

This part of the discussion on secondary place planning in the Inner East and Inner North North East has also closed. To preserve the integrity of the thread no further comments will be approved.

Information regarding secondary place planning in the Inner East and Inner North East areas can be found below.

As part of these discussions on secondary places in these areas of the city; an expansion of Roundhay Through School has been proposed. This proposal is now being consulted on separately so that timely action can be taken. You can find further information about this by clicking on the consultation document here.

As the consultation has now ended, the link to the formal consultation response page has now been removed.